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Hello to you Miss Shiny

January 7, 2010 Leave a comment

I was watching a certain Manchester United related TV channel (MUTV) yesterday and my eyes spotted the most bizarre thing. There on my TV screen was the shiniest thing I ever did see. Her face glistened like a brand new Apple product just after being removed from its box. I scrambled to find my phone so I could snap a picture of this rare creature for she was more a spectacle than the Loch Ness Monster. I managed to compose myself and opened the shutter, hoping the sound wouldn’t scare her away off my TV. I had my phone still, ready to catch this prize-winning photo, but alas she was no longer there, instead replaced by the face of a footballer, who in my wonderment, I can only guess she was interviewing. I would not be deterred, “this mythical shiny beast will be caught in image form” I exclaimed defiantly in my head (and maybe out loud a little). Slowly but surely, after 2 ad breaks, I had a direct look at this thing. I quickly knocked my phone off standby and immediately pressed the button, then waited with bated breath (I have a Nokia so I had 5 seconds to wait before it actually took the picture). I looked down at the small screen whilst praying to whichever God is real that I had managed to acquire the photo I desire most. To my joy, it was there, in all it’s beautiful digital glory. I had won. So my friends, I present to you.. Miss Shiny:

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