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Liverpool fans: Haha, unlucky!

November 24, 2009 2 comments

This is what Liverpool fans have to look forward to. After being knocked out of the Champions League, Liverpool will now be playing in the lower European cup competition; the Europa League.

This adds to Liverpool’s disappointing season so far, in which they find themselves 7th in the Premier League and 13 points off the top. It brings me great joy to see them in this state, as a majority of footballing pundits in August proclaimed that this is Liverpool’s season to win the league and finally come back to the forefront of the football world. However, with their inept manager in tow, Liverpool’s season has ended extremely prematurely.

Their main aim should now be to fight their way up the table and rescue 4th place which I feel they should be able to do. Manager Rafa Benitez will have a hard time keeping his job though, and if results don’t start going their way immediately may find himself looking for a new job come the new year.

A toast; to another failed season for Liverpool FC.