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Top 10 Vegetables

Top 10 Vegetables

Countdown of the top 10 vegetables.

Don’t know which are your favourite vegetables? Well let me tell you!

10. Spinach

If it’s good enough for Popeye then it’s good enough for the top 10.

9. Garlic

If it wasn’t for Garlic the planet would be infested with vampires and french people wouldn’t have anything to put around their necks.

8. Onion

A very valuable vegetable; Need to tell someone sad news but you’re a robot and can’t cry? Well rub this in the person’s eyes and run!

7. Green Pepper

It reminds me of The Incredible Hulk.

6. Green Peas

Excellent for throwing at people. Aim for the eyes for maximum damage.

5. Tomato

If there were no Tomatoes, the people in Spain would have nothing to throw at the La Tomatina Festival.

4. Lettuce

Peeling an Iceberg Lettuce is like slowly undressing a woman.

3. Corn

It’s yum.

2. Cucumber

The fact that some women use this phallic vegetable as a sex toy is all the reason I need for this to be on the top 10.

1. Mushroom

I know, it’s not “technically” a vegetable, but fuck you. Not only are Mushrooms delicious, but some can make you trip balls. If that’s not a reason for it to be the number 1 vegetable then I don’t know what is!

Hope you survived my countdown of the top 10 vegetables without falling asleep.

As always; Laugh at old people falling over, God wills it.

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